Availability History

The bot has been up since early April 2021 and since then it became more than clear that times at which staking programs are getting “not sold out” follow a clear pattern. All currencies are updated every night of UTC time (which is night in most of European countries), usually between 00:00 – 01:00 UTC time. Outliers do exist but they are very rare.

For some currencies, staking for 90 days is getting sold out in minutes, sometimes even in seconds. Here you can export historical data about staking options availability in xlsx format. Data for Locked Staking is available since April 27, for DeFi staking since May 5, for Locked Savings since August 27.

Export Historical Data

Data will be exported in xlsx format. For Locked Staking and Locked Savings, each row in the export represents a timestamp at which the staking project became sold out or available. For DeFi Staking, each row represents a timestamp with two values: how much currency is available for staking and whether or not the project is sold out. These timestamps are logged once every minute.

Please note that if export of Locked Savings currency option is empty, it means that this savings option has been sold out constantly since at least August 27 when tracking of the availability of Locked Savings began.

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